Navibot Quote list

Here is a list of the quotes that have been added to navibot. lorLEWD

0 “10/10 would brush.” -Regumika, 2014
1 “I S**t you not monkey, I will kill you all. I will kill you all” – Lorie (Kingdom Hearts)
2 “Look at him hiding like a ***!” – Lorie (Kingdom Hearts)
3 “I don’t even know who the main character is in this game but his mum totally picked his shoes out o
4 “Blame OBS” – Effigy 2014
5 “Yeah, she’s 12, don’t Pho around.” -Regumika (The Last of Us)
6 “She tried to choke me out!, *** be CRAZY!” – Lorie 2014 (The Last Of Us)
7 “Everyone’s having a fun.” Tory 2014 (Portal 2)
8 “I went crazy on the balls.” -Lorie 2014 (Portal 2)
9 “a bunch of rice and sausage on my face” – Mika 2014
10 “I used to have tons of imaginary friends when i was little” – Lorie 2014
11 “Hit me with love, not your hands or your fireballs” -Lorie 2014
12 “I swear I can read and I can speak, I can occasionally do maths” – Lorie 2014 (Kingdom Hearts)
13 “What is with all the balls in this game, like, Jesus Christ! ” – Lorie 2014 (Kingdom Hearts)
14 “Lorie ” i should play smart”.. 2 seconds later ” *** THE POLICE!”” -DatAfricanReco (The Last of Us)
15 “GUIISEE, It’s a F****ng Giraffe!!!” – Lorie 2014 (The Last Of Us)
16 “I don’t know who you are, you don’t know who I am?. B**ch I’m Link” – Lorie 2014 (Hyrule Warriors)
17 “Take that air!!!!” – iRobb 2014 (Hyrule Warriors)
18 “I wish you could last longer so I could hear the entire song” -Jonkki 2014 (Super Hexagon)
19 ” Trollnip: Lorie failed at everything so far. Failed stripper, failed thief, failed fighter, failed
20 “Holy crap!, Did you see my rod, it’s so big!” – Lorie 2014 (Hyrule Warriors)
21 “When your aiming is as bad as mine, Just use a rocket launcher! problem solved :)” – iRobb (Borderl
22 “Link’s anaconda don’t want none unless you got the Triforce of Courage hun” – Sircharlesofmonocles
23 “Yeah.. rub that wood, Lana” – Regumika 2014
24 “what am i supposed to do with someone else’s woman” – Mika 2014 (Diablo 3)
25 “I just want to pinch your cheeks @ fuzzy_wolf” – Lorie 2014
26 “I just like going Balls to the Wall!” – Lorie 2014 (SoM)
27 “idk balls to the wall seems pretty stealthy to me. if your balls are literally touching a wall aren
28 “Well, now you came” – Wardbuyer 2014
29 “I don’t want to live somewhere without drinkable toilet water” – Wardbuyer 2014
30 “IM NOT 14”-Lorie (Shadow of Mordor)
31 Guys only, no ladies allowed! Effigy- 2014
32 “I keep getting discombobulated” – Lorie 2014 (M.E-SoM)
33 “Snot Good” – Lorie 2014
34 “Just because they cant have kids doesnt mean my vagina is automatically inclined to pop out a few m
35 “Do you even Taco?” – Lorie 2014
36 “You can’t trust somebody who doesn’t have any eyebrows” – Lorie 2014 (M.E – SoM)
37 I don’t wanna do that dude, I wanna do another dude” – Lorie 2014 (Shadows of Mordor)
38 “Imaginary friends are the best. It’s less expensive when you treat them to dinner” -SaintClear 2014
39 “They are trying to take my bacon!!” – Lorie 2014 (M.E-SoM)
40 “This guy is actually a big vagina” – Lorie 2014 (M.E-SoM)
41 “No time for foreplay with the princess, just take her” – Tory 2014 (FFIX)
42 “It tastes like awesomeness in your mouth” – Tory 2014 (FFIX)
43 “Would you like to stream forever? We can game all night looong. If you donate I’ll play my ocarina
44 “There is a big something in my face.” – Lorie 2014 (Borderlands 2)
45 “Nows not the time to go down lorie, we are in the middle of a battle” – Xtuxquietdeath 2014 (BL2)
46 “Screw your happiness, Screw it!” – Lorie 2014 (Goat Simulator)
47 He can’t come, he can’t do it when he’s on my back. -Lorie (goat sim)
48 “I don’t know what to do with my hands!” – Lorie 2014 (L4D2)
49 Omg, I don’t know what to do with my hands! – Lorie 2014 (being raided)
50 “YES YES YES, NOO NOO NOO, YES” – Lorie 2014 (L4D2)
51 The vomiting dude sounds cute! – Lorie (L4D2)
52 “I’m accustomed to the sound of dying goats.” – Wardbuyer 2014
53 “if someone pulled up in a van and said they have someone with long hair that needs brushing, mika w
54 “Lorie! !!!! omg u beautiful woman! . first of all im drunk……second im going to sleep b4 I throw
55 “Hey Ward, did you check your email?”
56 “I lasted as long as I could haha” – Malphis 2014
57 “It does say strim, would you like to fight about it?” Lorie 2014
58 “I’m just pulling stuff outa my ***” – Lorie 2014
59 “Please don’t let it be too big” – Lorie 2014
60 I did a whole chunk of dudes in one day. – Lorie 2014 (S. of Mordor)
61 “I’m not there top protect the Lorieweeee.” – Justasongbird 2014
62 “I luf you, Rorrie.” -Some guy in MK8 chat 2014
63 “Why you gotta be so bitchy, you ***” – Lorie 2014 (Kingdon Hearts)
64 “Lorie needs a Professor Oak button that asks people if theyre a boy or a girl” – Fuzzy_Wolf 2014
65 ” I’m a pro at domination” – Lorie 2014 (SoM)
66 “She’s my favorite not-lorie” -FailTrain 2014
67 “son of a taint” – Jack (Borderlands Pre-Sequel)
68 “I’m Live Bitches! Come Hang Out” – Lorie 2014
69 “Target Testicle” – Lorie 2014
70 “he cant fit, hes too big” Lorie 2014 (The Evil Within)
71 “All of a sudden its an Apocalypse up in this ***!” – Lorie 2014 (The Evil Within)
72 “I’ll save you ***!” – Lorie 2014 (The Evil Within)
73 “My sister bought a hat with “swag” on it. I have never wanted to chuck norris someone so much befor
74 entertain me now yo dont bore me/ i wanna know what happens at the end of the story/ if i ever made
75 “You dragon *** ***!! – Lorie 2014 (Kingdom Hearts)
76 “All the bitches up in here, unconscious” – Lorie 2014 (Kingdom Hearts)
77 “I forgot they don’t even do me in this battle” – Lorie 2014 (Kingdom Hearts)
78 “I was born in the US but i ***” – Lorie 2014 (Kingdom Hearts)
79 “It tastes like complete ***” – Lorie 2014 (L4D2)
80 “Put it in my mouth, Put. It. In. My. Mouth” – Pixel 2014
81 “I gotta go potty” – Lorie 2014 (Bayonetta 2)
82 “Do yuo want to turn on sticky keys?, No *** you!” – Lorie 2014 (Neverending Nightmares)
83 “As some of you guys know i like to wear shirts and stuff” – Lorie 2014 (Neverending nightmares)
84 “I’m not a big fan of pants” – Lorie 2014 (Neverending Nightmares)
85 “i just watched the demo and *** my pants” – Flare 2014
86 “Why does it always have to be balls?” – Lorie 2014 ( Among The Sleep )
87 “Perversion is okay, but keep it classy.” – Lorie 2014
88 “I don’t remember coming that quick” – Lorie 2014 (Five Nights At Freddy’s)
89 “I can’t play with my eyes closed, or i’ll die” – Lorie 2014 (Kingdom Hearts 1.5)
90 “I think they have the best thingies” Lorie 2014
91 “I feel like i’m eating a baby, i shouldn’t but its so goood, so goood” – Lorie 2014 (Kingdom Hearts
92 “my tummy turned into an n64 rummble pack just now” – ThatOneMusicalGamer 2014
93 “Goddamn Basic Bitches” – Lorie 2014 (Kingdom Hearts)
94 ” I bought a $10 hand lotion the other day and it smells like rich people” – Ama_ris 2014
95 ” *** youuu, in the eyes!!” – Lorie 2014 (Kingdom Hearts)
96 “I should probably go do the wettening soon” – Lorie 2014
97 “I’d give her some sword fighting lessons if you know what i mean” – Failtrain 2014
98 “Everyone grab your meat because it’s Bacon time!” – Brome 2014
99 “You just got orphanized, son.” -MajorRage69
100 “You guys can plug eachother, I’m okay with that!” -Lorie 2014
101 “We don’t stairs in this game” – Lorie 2014 (AC:Unity)
102 “Take that you hoe!!!” – Lorie 2014 (Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD)
103 “Today’s broadcast is sponsored by Lorie getting hit with balls. Kappa” – SaintClear
104 “Grats Brome, now you can sleep with all the UPS women. They always deliver.” -Regumika 2014
105 “Never mind that, screw the dildo…” – Lorie (about her mic)
106 “If I just sit still for one minute I get gang banged! Damn the gang bang!” – Lorie 2014 (Kingdom He
107 “I can’t do it. I can’t be gang banged. Ain’t nobody got time for that.” – Lorie
108 ” I am the quotemaster bitches ” – iRobb 2014 (All Games)
109 “Okay, I’m going to go to class. Hopefully we can continue this discussion about floppy disks, blue
110 “The gameplay is too issue.” – Lorie 2014 (on pokemonz)
111 “He’s shooting bombs out of his butt and he doesn’t know what to do now” – EffiBeard 2014 (Super Sma
112 “I’ll work on improving my Tongue skills” – Foxyman1113 (Smash Bros)
113 “…Well, my ovaries make me do girly things.” – Lorie 2014
114 “It’s humping the skateboard, how do i make it go?” – Lorie 2014 (I Am Bread)
115 “Welcome back to the club of creepy stalkers, shitty players, butt-faces and non-people, hosted by o
116 “I’m so excited i could cry and pee myself at the same time” – Lorie 2014 (Dark Souls)
117 “Whenever i eat it I’m like, yeaaaah I’m eating babies right now” – Lorie 2014 (Dark Souls)
118 “Do an R kelly? What do you mean? Pee on them?” Lorie (Dark Souls)
119 “I Hard” – Matzstream 2014
120 ” I need to actually put on some pants” – MatzeyuuStrim 2014
121 “Actually I think I should just do this naked” – Lorie 2014 ( Dark Souls )
122 “Robb pls. I’ve known where my thing is” – Jaller 2014 (Dark Souls)
123 “When he does the thrusty thing its like OW!” – Lorie (Dark Souls 2014)
124 “I would love to have a penis, I would be like wheeeeeee *spins it around*” – Lorie 2014 (Dark souls
125 I taught my son to fetch me a beer at 2 yrs old – jcepeda1552 (2014)
126 “Why’d I fall? Oh cause I fell.” – Lorie 2014 (dark souls)
127 “well i removed a lot of the quotes that just make it sound like i’m constantly talking about balls
128 “I’m not that high, am I?” – LegendOfLorie [Dark Souls] [19/12/2014]
129 Really 2 inches is enough to make me happy. LivvieLynn [Dark Souls] [27/12/2014]
130 “It’s inevitable, you are probably going to die.” – Lorie [Dark Souls] [30/12/2014]
131 “I’m so hydrated right now” [Dark Souls] [31/12/2014]
132 “My new year resolution will be 1920×1080” – IsteaTV [Dark Souls] [31/12/2014]
133 Lorie speaks Gibberish, Giggle, and Engrish. – Regumika [Dark Souls] [31/12/2014]
134 “Put the thing in the thing to get points.” Lorie (Definition of sports) [Dark Souls] [31/12/2014]
135 “My Face is like, all face” [Dark Souls] [02/01/2015]
136 ” Leave me alone. I didn’t do anything. I just killed people. It’s not a big deal.” – Lorie [Dark So
137 “I just shot her in the boob, it’s not a big deal, stop making a big deal out of things” [Dark Souls
138 “Robb has the best packages” [Dark Souls] [02/01/2015]
139 irobb powerlevel is 27! [Dark Souls] [02/01/2015]
140 “I did him a while ago :P” – EffigySR [Dark Souls] [02/01/2015]
141 “Robb’s Package i have actually touched multiple times” [Dark Souls II] [07/01/2015]
142 “My package is radiating goodness today – iRobb” [Dark Souls II] [07/01/2015]
143 “I watched the YouTube vid of your ovaries exploding when you got partnership XD” – Thomas1381 [Dark
144 I come into the stream and Lorie’s incessantly clicking on something that says erectile dysfunction
145 “Is that a sperm?” -8bitmom [Mafia LIVE!] [10/01/2015]
146 I was fighting the Dickcream – Lorie [Dark Souls II] [14/01/2015]
147 “I Made Califlaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” – Lorie [Dark Souls II] [16/01/2015]
148 “I Wana open it so box!!” – Lorie [Dark Souls II] [21/01/2015]
149 “I am married, and it’s not that bad” – Lorie [Dark Souls II] [26/01/2015]
150 “I thought that was a thing that I could do the thing to.” – Lorie [Shovel Knight] [28/01/2015]
151 “If Dark Souls 2 had a dick, I’d punch it.” – Lorie [Shovel Knight] [28/01/2015]
152 “I’m Lorenzo! Legend of Lorenzo!” – Lorenzo [Shovel Knight] [28/01/2015]
153 “That’s what happens right? Laugh so hard that your balls hurt?” – Lorenzo [Shovel Knight] [28/01/20
154 Are you f***ing me right now? Piece of SH** – Lorie [Resident Evil] [30/01/2015]
155 “I almost choked on my eggs.” – Lorie [Resident Evil] [30/01/2015]
156 “Get in my mouth, omnomnom” – Lorie [Resident Evil] [02/02/2015]
157 “I probably shouldn’t be doing what I do with my ammo lorLEWD” – Lorie [Resident Evil] [02/02/2015]
158 “I seriously don’t remember how to dominate” – Lorie [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor] [03/02/2015]
159 “I just want to dominate him, be dominated please” – Lorie [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor] [03/02/2
160 “Prepare your balls for feels” – Lori 2015 [Resident Evil] [04/02/2015]
161 “I don’t know where to put it lorLEWD” – Lorie [Resident Evil] [04/02/2015]
162 “I can’t pull it out lorLEWD” – Lorie [Resident Evil] [04/02/2015]
163 “Can you not, I’m trying to boing my bewbs.” – Lorie [Resident Evil] [11/02/2015]
164 “I’ve been wandering twitch just like Link, adventuring to different streams looking for that magica
165 Don’t joke about chipotle FUNgineer It’s dangerous and gassy. – JonSnow_GrnPce [The Legend of Zelda:
166 What’s a boss fight? -Mallorie 2015 [Sonic the Hedgehog 2] [08/04/2015]
167 “cuz lorie was playin with the balls” – FailTrain [Grand Theft Auto V] [24/04/2015]
168 “Oh my god, look how big it is!!… I need to make it small.” – Lorie [LEGO Star Wars: The Complete
169 “In the end, your penis is a part of you so you gotta control it.” -SuperKaF
170 “It’s totally fine if you look at their stuff. There’s nothing wrong with that…” – Lorie [ARK: Sur
171 “Why am I hot now? Do I need to take off my clothes?!” -Lorie [ARK: Survival Evolved] [08/06/2015]
172 “How many holes do I have? How many is this?” Lorie [Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 Remix] [10/06/2015]
173 We need to create a sex…” – LegendOfLorie [Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 Remix] [10/06/2015]
174 i have grownup stuff to do before i become a child tonight PANTYTHIEF [Final Fantasy XIV: Heavenswar
175 “Whys it so small, don’t be small, be big” [Five Nights at Freddy’s] [01/10/2015]
176 “I have brain damage” Lorie [SOMA] [05/10/2015]
177 “I still wanna know what Amazeballs would taste like.” RATTRocka [SOMA] [05/10/2015]
178 “im single i do what i wang =)” PantyThief07 [SOMA] [06/10/2015]
179 “Fisting buttholes is important to us now” Lorie [SOMA] [06/10/2015]
180 “and others smell like sex because they are drowning in pussy.” – FailTrain [SOMA] [07/10/2015]
181 “I’m just a dead robot, in a corner, no big deal” – Lorie [SOMA] [07/10/2015]
182 “Please let it be below me, instead of behind me.” Lorie [SOMA] [07/10/2015]
183 “We are in dire need of butthole” – Lorie [SOMA] [07/10/2015]
184 “that would be amazing, there would be buttholes everywhere” – Lorie [SOMA] [07/10/2015]
185 “You’d probably have to give me head.” The_Crimsonight [Resident Evil: Revelations] [09/10/2015]
186 “We got an MP5! ….what is an MP5?” -Lorie [Resident Evil: Revelations] [09/10/2015]
187 “WHITE CHOCOLATE DICK SABERS YES!” – Lorie [Resident Evil: Revelations] [09/10/2015]
188 “There were some people born in -99 right?” -Lorie [Silent Hill] [13/10/2015]