Welcome to The Legend of Lorie website! Here you will find a lot of information about Lorie, the broadcast, the #LegendClub, and more! Click around and enjoy your time!


Currently Streaming: Final Fantasy II (Final Fantasy Origins) & Earthbound (Sub Sundae game for August)

  • Lorie now has 26 total emote slots!
  • There are new emotes available to use! lorKB, lorHUG, lorYES, lorNANI, lorFAIL, lorLEWD, lorHYPE, lorBF, lorPOUT, lorWAOW, lorCOOL, and lorOHOHO are live for subscribers!
  • We have reached a record subscriber AND subscriber point high! Thank you all for the continued support!


  • Final Fantasy Count Up is currently going on! Lorie will be playing through all the main Final Fantasy titles on stream (excluding side games, sequels, and MMOs).