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Rupees are a currency used in The Legend of Lorie’s Twitch channel which can be used to spend towards giveaways, sound effects during special times of the month, playing Hyrule Hunt (the mini-game in the channel), and also used for random bets that will happen occasionally.


Why should I want to gain rupees? Gaining rupees is important because Lorie does random giveaways in the stream and to enter these giveaways, rupees are needed to buy raffle tickets. You can also use rupees to play the mini-game, bet on fun situations depending on the game Lorie is playing, and activate some sound effects.


How do I gain rupees? Here are several ways to gain rupees —


  1. Be in the channel when it’s live. This is probably the easiest way to gain rupees!
  2. Be active in the channel when it’s live. Chat with Lorie and the rest of the legend club and you’ll gain extra rupees on top of the rupees you are getting for being in the channel when it’s live!
  3. Subscribe to the channel. Subscribers gain a little extra rupees so if you’re really wanting to rack up some rupees, consider subscribing and joining the legend club sub club!
  4. Try your hand at the Hyrule Hunt! This is the channel’s version of a “heist” mini-game where you have a chance to either gain a ton of rupees or lose it all! Type !hunt in channel to play!
  5. Participate in bets. Every now and then, one of the mods will start up a fun bet. For example, “Will Lorie defeat this boss on first try?” you can bet yes or no and depending on the outcome you can either get extra rupees or lose!.
  6. Join for occasional offline chatting! Every now and then, Lorie will announce on Twitter to join the channel while it’s offline to chat or hype up the chat pre-stream. When this happens, she will activate “off-line payout” and even when the channel is not live, you will accrue extra rupees. Make sure to follow Lorie on Twitter to get notified when this happens!


NOTE: If you have not been active in the channel for two months then you will be removed from the database.