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I’m on a journey to make the “stream dream” a reality and with your help, we can do it. Here are several ways you can make my dream into a reality:

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Amazon Wishlist – Here you’ll find some equipment upgrades, games that I would love to play on stream, or just general goodies that I would love to have. I open all gifts live!

Steam Wishlist – These are games I would love to play on Stream and also some games I would love to play with you guys!

Amazon Shop – Purchase anything from this Amazon link and a portion will go to me with no extra cost to you. If you shop often, please bookmark my link and use it when you can!

Green Man Gaming Shop – Green Man Gaming is the place to go for fantastic video game deals! Purchasing games from GMG also helps Lorie.

Humble Bundle – Buy game bundles from Lorie to support charity while also supporting Lorie at the same time!

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