Margaery Tyrell: Queen of Manipulation. [SPOILERS]

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Game of Thrones episode 4 ‘And Now His Watch Is Ended’

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My recap of the episode will only be touching on some of my favorite and most memorable scenes.

Episode 4 of Game of Thrones was full of surprises and also very, very pleasing in regards to how similar the episode was to the happenings in the books. One example in particular is the focus on Margaery Tyrell and her manipulation towards Joffrey. Just when you think that he is absolutely out of control and no one can stop him, here comes Margaery! Margaery is classy in her manipulation as well. Unlike the norm in the show where sex and boobs are glorified, Margaery reveals her back and arms with her non-traditional gowns and dresses from Highgarden. Margaery is able to twist little Joffrey around her finger by giving him exactly what he wants; approval and admiration. In the book, these interactions between Joffrey and Margaery are viewed by the queen regent Cersei who has her own chapters and perspective. I will give the episode credit in displaying how manipulative Margaery actually is but what I was really hoping for was more Cersei screen time. Cersei’s point of view is hilarious in the book and is very important for readers and the audience to see what is going on in this lady’s head. What does Cersei want? To be accepted by her father and to be seen as not a woman but an equal to her brothers. Cersei sees Margaery’s manipulation and is horrified because she realizes how much control she is actually losing. Cersei’s agenda was to get her and her family control of the Seven Kingdoms and now that is suddenly threatened when she realizes she is losing her grasp over Joffrey. Not only that, but she realizes how now she might be losing control of her kingdom when Margaery is wed to Joffrey.  I hope later in the season that the audience will be able to delve a bit into Cersei’s mind but I know that is hard to portray in a television show so it’s just better to read the book in any case.

On the subject of “delving into minds”, I was also hoping for a little more insight on Jaime Lannister’s feelings towards his hand being thwacked off and now towards Brienne of Tarth. The audience can see a little bit of emotion as Jaime attempted to save Brienne from the rapings but even more so when it is revealed in this episode that he lied about the “sapphires in Tarth”. Jaime’s character development is wonderful to follow. The reader and audience go from despising Jaime for almost killing an innocent little boy to finally understanding what makes him tick and why he does and says certain things. The interactions between Brienne and Jaime are comical in the book and so far the show is doing a great job portraying their budding friendship.

My favorite scenes from this episode were (of course) involving Danerys. The khaleesi is my favorite character after all! But her character development has been amazing to read and now to watch. Danerys reveals that she has understood Kraznys this entire time and commands her Unsullied to kill all slavers and then lets them know that they are finally free. Reading this scene was fantastic but watching it was even better. Danerys has gone from an abused and controlled girl to a strong future queen and with the help of her growing dragons, well on her way to becoming queen of the seven kingdoms.

I look forward to the next episode and until then I will continue reading a Dance with Dragons which I have been putting off for far too long now!


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  2. Garrett

    Hey! Yeah this episodes ending was amazing, the look on Kraznys’ face when he realized that she had understood him all along was priceless. I’m still waiting for all the weddings!


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