7 Ways To Conquer Proud Mode in Kingdom Hearts


With Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX released and the addition of trophies on the Playstation 3, many gamers are finding that one trophy in particular is turning out to be quite difficult to obtain. Proud Mode is essentially the “hard mode” or the “expert mode” for the Kingdom Hearts series. Enemies hit harder, items for synthesizing are rarer, munny is scarce, and elixirs and potions are extremely hard to find. Common heartless that would be pathetic in normal mode are deadly in proud mode. Kingdom Hearts uses a real-time action battle system where players must utilize dodge and guard techniques for many of the boss fights. Not using these abilities will result in deaths or very difficult fights almost every time. So with all of these hurdles in Proud Mode, how is a gamer supposed to obtain the trophy where players have to complete the entire game on Proud Mode? On The Legend of Lorie, we’re bringing you seven helpful tips that will ease the pain of Proud Mode so obtaining that trophy will be just a little bit easier.

7. Beat the CRAP out of Riku on Destiny Islands

Rku Kingdom Hearts

Defeat Riku on Destiny Islands to receive potions and tons of experience.

I cannot reiterate how essential this is in proud mode. When you start your game in Destiny Islands, you’ll have the option of dueling some of the kids on the island including Riku. Riku will be your toughest opponent on the island but if you block his moves; Riku will give you the most experience if you defeat him. On top of the most experience, Riku will give you a potion every time you defeat him. With potions and elixirs being so rare in proud mode, this is the best way to start your game off right. Boost your levels by defeating him and obtain plenty of potions to prepare yourself for the real adventure.

6. Become an expert at dodge

Once you learn the dodge ability, practice using it and use it AT ALL COSTS. Dodging deadly hits from bosses will help you live a lot longer and you will be able to avoid some instant KO moves that some bosses and heartless are capable of.

5. Battle constantly at the Olympus Coliseum

Level up in Kingdom Hearts

One of the easiest places to boost your levels is at the Olympus Coliseum.

Once the Olympus Coliseum world unlocks, go there often and level. Battling in the Olympus Coliseum is one of the easiest ways to boost yours and your parties levels. Even if you beat a certain cup, you can continue to enter it. After defeating cups, you will also have the option of entering a cup with just Sora which is a huge boost to his levels.

4. Use Jackpot

In Proud Mode, items and munny are scarce which will make upgrading your weapons and stocking up on accessories and items very difficult. Donald, Goofy, and eventually Sora will learn an ability called Jackpot. Jackpot will increase your chance of receiving more munny and more items. As long as you’re not sacrificing a combo move ability, always have Jackpot equipped unless you’re in the Coliseum (items and munny do not drop in the Coliseum).

3. Make Traverse Town Your Favorite World

Defenders in Kingdom Hearts

These Defenders in Traverse Town are good for munny, experience, and items.

Traverse Town is one of the easiest places to not only grind for levels but also farm for items and munny. When you get towards the end of the game, harder heartless will spawn including Defenders. Defenders will be one of the best ways to get munny in Proud Mode as these enemies drop tons of munny and items. Work your way through each district and once you defeat all of the heartless in the third district, head over to the first district and into the Accessory Shop to reset the spawn. Rinse and repeat!

2. Make Donald and Goofy More Supportive

Donald and Goofy have the potential to be great supporting team members.

In the settings option of the game, players will be able to customize how Donald and Goofy interact with Sora in battle. I always change Donald and Goofy to be more supportive of Sora in Proud Mode. This will make Donald and Goofy quicker to use items in a tight spot and more aware when Sora needs help with his MP. Another way to make your team more supportive is to always keep them equipped with plenty of items. Goofy will have the most item slots in the game so make sure to refill his and Donald’s items right before a tough boss fight. I don’t know how many times this has saved me in a pinch when I was too late to heal myself or use an item. Also, don’t forget to keep your buddies updated with weapons and accessories. Weapons for Donald and Goofy can be purchased from the Item Shop in Traverse Town so always check to see if there is something that can boost Goofy’s defense or make Donald’s magic a little bit stronger.

1. Use Short Cut Buttons

Shortcut buttons can save your life in a tight spot.

When I was entirely new to the Kingdom Hearts series, I hardly ever utilized the short cut button feature which allows players to set spells to buttons. I became frustrated and irritated when I couldn’t heal myself fast enough because I had to scroll with the down key on the controller. It wasn’t until later that I discovered how important the short cut button was especially when you’re in a tight spot. The first thing you need to do when you obtain the Cure spell is to set it to a short cut button that you will remember. You will become very familiar with it sooner than you think.

Proud Mode in Kingdom Hearts is quite difficult especially if you’re fairly new to the series. Finding items, munny, and losing HP easily will make this mode frustrating very quick. With these tips, you should find yourself having an easier time conquering Proud Mode and obtaining that shiny trophy on the Playstation 3. If you have anymore helpful tips, feel free to share them with me and the rest of the community!

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