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Bioshock Infnite

Want more Bioshock Infinite goodness? Have no fear! The DLC is FINALLY here and with more to come! Irrational Games has announced the details within Bioshock Infinite’s Season Pass including challenge maps and a trip under the sea back to Rapture!

The DLC that is available today is “Clash in the Clouds”. “Clash in the Clouds” features combat-focused challenges that are spread across Columbia. This DLC includes four maps and each contains 15 waves of enemies. Each wave includes a Blue Ribbon Challenge with different objectives and leaderboards which will track your scores on each map and allow you to compare scores with your friends. “Clash in the Clouds” also includes the Columbian Archaelogical Society, an in-game museum players can explore to view character models, concept art, behind-the-scenes videos and more. Players will be able to discover more Bioshock Infinite lore as new voxophones and kinectospheres will be available. “Clash in the Clouds” is released today on Steam, PSN, and Xbox 360 for $5 for anyone that does not own the Bioshock Infinite Season Pass.

The rest of the Season Pass content will be debuting in the future which involves none other than a trip back to Rapture. “Burial at Sea” will be a two part episodic story that will be set in the underwater city on December 31st, 1958; the night before the famous fall of the city. Players will once again be starring as Booker DeWitt but will also be able to play as Elizabeth in the second episode. Irrational Games has not gone into too much detail about this DLC but they did mention that the gameplay will be slightly different with a “survival horror” feel. For those that do not own the Bioshock Infinite Season Pass; “Burial at Sea” will be $14.99 on Steam, PSN, and Xbox 360. Further release dates have not been mentioned.

What interests me? The mention of the “survival horror” feel, of course. When I first played the original Bioshock, there were several times that I found myself shaking from the horrific sights of Rapture. The surprises made me scream and the foes gave me nightmares and I loved it. I’m looking forward to “Burial at Sea” and being able to play as Elizabeth!

Would you kindly comment and let me know what your favorite part of the Bioshock series was?


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