Call of Duty: Ghosts and female soldiers

Call of Duty Ghosts

Today Infinity Ward presented some of the multiplayer in the upcoming Call of Duty game “Ghosts”. In the reveal they gave glimpse of some of the changes to the series. Knee slides, leaning from cover and vaulting over obstacles.

A couple new modes were introduced as well, such as Cranked. In which you have 30 seconds after a kill to get another kill or its bye bye baby! One of the other new modes is search and rescue. In search and rescue you have to recover your fallen comrades dog tags before the enemy does. If you do then they live, if you fail and the enemy gets there first then that team mate dies.

Character customization is supposedly also going to be much improved with thousands of different combinations possible. And the perk system is said to contain different branches which allow you to specialize more into certain categories such as stealth or resistance.

And in the final moments of the reveal video we see that female characters are now available. What do you think about this addition? Like or dislike? Let us know!

Many more modes are to be added and tweaked and more details will come as time progresses.

Call of Duty female soldier

Reveal video:

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