Anime of the Week: Sunday Without God



It’s rare that I come across an anime that really catches my attention after reading the synopsis. Usually I will read the description and say, “hrm… sounds interesting. Guess I’ll give it a shot” or I’ll look at the art for the show and think to myself, “wow that’s pretty. I need to check this out!” but when I came across Sunday Without God and finished reading the synopsis; I immediately thought, “WOW! Why has it taken me this long to discover this!?!” Even though I had just read the description and glanced at the art, I was intrigued with the little bit I was given.

Sunday Without God centers around a 12 year old girl named Ai who happens to be a gravekeeper. The world around her has crumbled as humanity has been abandoned by God. No one can reproduce and no one can “peacefully” die. If people die, the only way they can pass in peace is if a gravekeeper, like Ai, gives them a proper burial. Their soul is then able to pass into the next life and their body can rest in peace. If the dead are not buried properly, they will live as one of the deceased. Ai’s life is turned upside down when she comes across a mysterious white haired man named Hampnie Hambart. Hampnie let’s Ai know that there are many things about their abandoned world, even in her small village, that she does not understand and Ai is suddenly thrust into a life of turmoil and despair as she loses everything she has ever known and loved. Many secrets unfold and Ai realizes how bad she wants to save humanity since God has abandoned it.

Sunday Without God is still airing but it reminds me vaguely of Angel Beats! The colors in the anime are vibrant and the anime itself is gorgeous. The characters all have a certain sadness in their eyes that fits with the theme of this anime. If you’re looking for a show to pull on your heartstrings this season, make sure to check out Sunday Without God.

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