Nintendo And Your Health… plus mobile apps!



So the last few weeks have been fairly grim over at Nintendo. After revealing some pretty awful financial losses for their full fiscal year, rumors spread like wildfire regarding Nintendo’s future. Should the big N stop producing hardware and go third party? Should they integrate some of the games onto mobile devices and tablets? Should Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, resign from his job? Will Nintendo give up on the Wii U and move onto a more powerful console sooner rather than later? Well, this morning Nintendo finally answers all of these questions and more.

First things first, Nintendo will NOT change. What does that mean? They’re still going to focus on hardware specifically for their fantastic software. We won’t be seeing Mario on the Xbox One or Zelda on the PS4 as some people hoped for. However, let’s take a look at Nintendo’s history: Nintendo started out selling playing cards, then they changed to a toy company, then they changed to an electronics company, and finally, to a company running video game platforms. Nintendo has been able to transform and evolve throughout the years and has still managed to stay afloat regardless of it’s major company changes and it’s console war battles throughout the years. So it’s safe to safe that “the end is nigh'” attitude that most people are talking about in regards to Nintendo isn’t happening for quite some time.

So all of these financial issues have occurred because of sale losses involving the Nintendo Wii U and naturally most people think Nintendo should just give up on this console but it’s quite the opposite. Nintendo has stated that it will continue to make their console stronger by implementing new features including a “quick start” menu to the Wii U, Nintendo DS titles to the Virtual Console market, and will continue to release titles that gamers will definitely want to play. Nintendo has admitted that marketing was at fault as most consumers didn’t realize that the Nintendo Wii U was a completely different console and not an “add on” accessory to the Wii U’s predecessor, the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo will focus on driving momentum for their main selling point of the Wii U which is the Game Pad.

One of the big questions is why doesn’t Nintendo just transfer some of their games to smart devices like tablets and phones? It makes sense as these platforms have out-sold game consoles by quite a bit, right? Nintendo doesn’t agree with that and the reason is because they are a HARDWARE-SOFTWARE focused company. For years, they have created software specifically for their hardware and most of those experiences are just absolutely impossible to duplicate anywhere else. Nintendo has stated that they will be trying to build up momentum with the smart devices audience by implementing some type of application to get consumers excited about Nintendo’s software and hardware.

The last thing that Nintendo brought up was their new business approach. Nintendo has decided that they will take a step in a completely new direction where they will be working on a platform that will be geared towards improving consumers health and well-being. With games like Brain Age and Wii Fit, the skies the limits as to what they could accomplish with this new approach.

So now that Nintendo has answered questions and revealed it’s new plan of action, what do you guys think?

Source: Nintendo

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